Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review - Divergent by Veronica Roth

Series: Divergent #1
Author Info: Blogspot
Published: May 3, 2011
Publisher: Katharine Tegen Books
Pages: 487
Age Group: Young Adult
Format I Own: Kindle e-book
Purchase: Amazon

I was very excited to read this book after reading what it was about and hearing so many people rave about it. And I was not disappointed at all.

At the start of the book I was constantly wondering which faction I would probably be in (Amity), as well as my parents, and what it must be like, etc etc. Overall I thought the idea of having factions was quite a unique thing for a book, granted I also started questioning how that could even work, having everyone segregated like that, and only allowing each faction to do/think/act a certain way.

I loved how Beatrice's character kept changing and progressing as the book went on, and I was so into this book that I actually noticed it. I can't recall a single moment in this book that I found dull, and the closer I got to the end, the more I found myself becoming completely sucked into it. Yes, this book is jam PACKED with action, with a little romance thrown in. However I must say I'm not totally madly in love with Four like everyone else seems to be. Do I think Beatrice and Four make a bad couple? Certainly not. And I'm not saying I dislike four either, I'm just saying that he doesn't have a quality for me that makes me really like him.

I did feel that the ending was slightly anti-climactic, but everything leading up to it certainly had my heart pounding.

Now I'm really looking forward to reading Insurgent as soon as it comes out.

Oh and the only thing I'm going to say in regards to comparing this with The Hunger Games (which a lot of people like to do, seeing as their both very popular in the dystopian genre) is that I actually enjoyed Divergent more.


  1. Stopping by from the Feature & Follow, I'm a new follower :)

    I loved Divergent! I inhaled the book in about 4 hours, I just couldn't put it down! I just feel like there was a lack of the villain in this book, I think the author focused too much in other stuff that when the climax came I was like "hmmm, okay, is that all?"

    I'm looking forward to Insurgent though!

    I haven't read The Hunger Games yet, but I know tons of people are comparing them...

    Murphy's Library

  2. I adored Divergent ... much like everyone else! Can't wait for Insurgent to come out -- I need some more Four in my life! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!